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报告题目 Academic writing and publishing in English Journals 

报告人 Associate Professor Jinghe Han (j.han@westernsydney.edu.au)


报告地点:   王通教学楼4308



A/Professor Jinghe Han is PhD supervisor, Associate Dean (International) in the School of Education, Western Sydney University. She has a strong background in supervising Higher Degree Research students. She has supervised 20 HDR (PhDs and Masters) students to completion. Her research interests and publications include English Medium Instruction, research literacy and academic writing, post-lingual pedagogy and cultural studies. Jinghe has received 16 national and international research grants, published over 30 journal papers, book chapters and books in international journals.



During this session A/P Han would like to share her experience in research and publications in English Journals. Her talk will cover:

·        developing academic language (positioning the reader, nominalisation and de-agency etc.)

·        conducting literature review (e.g. literature search, interpretation, evaluation, referencing and citation)

drafting abstract, introduction and discussion.
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